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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New York

    Okay so I just came back from New York and I'm happy to be back in Miami cause even though I loved the snow and the city I missed my home too much. New York was beautiful everytime I went into the city, unfortunetly I had to stay an hour away in New Jersey. But the times I was able to go made my day. I shopped alot, ate and toured the streets. It was crowded like always but nonetheless amazing. I can never get over the sights and wish that one day I could live there. New York is such an inspiration for me, not only in fashion but also for my studies. Next time I plan to visit Columbia University, F.I.T and Parsons. The people there may seem moody and busy but actually they seem so much more. They have their own vibe and scene. New York is just their world and we just come to visit. One day I hope to stay their forever. I love New York.


Emma said...

Hi there!
Happy I found your blog! It's lovely! Thank you for sharing such great pictures and good inspiration! Claudia, you are stunning!

Wanna be followers? Let me know!
Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

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