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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Want List

So for the past 3 weeks I've been going crazy looking through google images and finding the most amazing DIY's and designer clothes. At first it was simply to make studded converse but then ideas kept popping into my head! So this is the want list for January 2011 :D

1.Studded gloves
2.Lace fingerless gloves

3. Fringe and studded vest

4, Paint splatter and destroyed skinny jeans! <3

5.Superman Converse!! <3

6. Greyish fur jacket

7.Leather and lace with studs glove

8.Studded fingerless gloves

9.Studded heels
10. Leather fingerless gloves

11. A Spike bracelet!

12.Cheetah print scarf in yellow


Johanna said...

I love those studded boots...
Fab blog btw! I´m following and hope that you´ll follow me back. ^^


Luna said...

I love all those things! ;) and I love also your blog, you're beautiful!
So I'll follow your blog, wish you follow my blog :)


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