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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks

The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks

Wow I must say this book completly touched my heart but there were some very low points to it. I found it a bit slow in some areas and there were a few scenes that could have just been omitted. There were a few chapters that just dragged on. But guess what? The last I'd say about 7 to 8 chapters made up for it. If you are in to tear jerking, heart tearing stories I recommend this particular book. I can relate to the teenage drama, love and loss and in the end it was a beautiful, entertaining story. Nicholas Sparks is one amazing writer and I look forward to reading his other master pieces. I hope you enjoy this pick as much as I did or more. 


Etienne's Journal said...

This is one of my favorite books! I didn't find it dragged on a bit, but everyone has their own opinion. The ending almost made me cry. And I don't ever physically cry at things. So that means I was crying rivers of happiness inside.

I find Ronnie such an interesting character. The way she suppresses a lot of things, yet still wants them to continue. The feelings Sparks conveys through his writing, show us that she doesn't know what she is entirely feeling herself. Confusing, yet utterly intriguing and brilliant and beautiful.

Sorry for going off on a tangent there.

I haven't seen the film, have you? Many people who see the film but haven't read the book cry their eyes out. Many who have read the book, however, cry more. Or they nit-pick and don't digest it as well as the book.

Read his other, fantastic pieces. The Notebook is absolute gold.

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