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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lady GaGa Concert! April 13,2011 MIA

OMG Last night was the Lady GAGA Concert and it was FAMAZING!!!! I loveeedddd it soo much!! LOL Gaga was my first ever concert and she preformed so energetically. Plus she has a tremendous voice! For the opening act it was Semi Precious Metals which sorta left me deaf and bleeding through one ear. But they were okay not my favorite band and nothing compared to Gaga! She performed almost all her hit songs (Money Honey, BoysBoysBoys, Beautiful Dirty Rich, LoveGame, Paparrazzi, PokerFace, Born This Way twice, Monster, Dance In The Dark, Glitter and Grease, Alejandro, Teeth, Telephone, and of course BAD ROMANCE which to me was the best performance!)

For my outfit I wore leather leggings with a "Bite Me" T shirt and a studded black blazer. I wore red hi top converse, pearl earings and did a smokey eyes make up. Red lips with black on the outer corners. For make up I found inspiration in Bad Romance the last scene she appears in after taking off her white sunglasses and shes about to burn the guy.

Hope you guys like it. I loved that concert!! Best memory I will have forever!



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Looking Gorgeous ladies!<3333

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