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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forever 21 Quick Stop Shop!

Hey everyone! I had to blog about the mini shopping heart attack I had on Tuesday Night September 27,2011 when I was looking through Twitter and spotted Forever 21's account randomly. I think to myself that I'm gonna look around the online store and see what they have in stock for the fall season... Little did I know they were having a Free Shipping capaign for orders over $21!! OMG! I quickly called up my sister to tell her the news and then went immediatly to shop!! There were so many cute things to look through! The tops, sweaters, blazers, jewelry! Ahh! It was overwhelming but I narrowed down my items to 4 amazing finds!! And my total was only $28.01! That's what I call a great deal! Here's some pictures to see what I got!


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