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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Secrets To Looking Stylish: Part 2

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Series #3

Secrets To Looking Stylish: Jewelry

  In my last post I talked about how to be stylish by just primping your hair and make up but there's more to being stylish than just flawless grooming. Accessories play a big part in tying an outfit together and I'll tell you why. We're going for an overall look and our goal is to look effortless without looking as if we tried too hard. With accessories we can spice up our outfit and change it as many times as we want! With just a tee shirt, a pair of jeans and some high heels we can have at least five (5) different looks with the right accessories! It transforms plain into edgy! Or ordinary into extraordinary! Here are some tips and trends!


When you're looking for different accessories at the mall, keep in mind your outfits and your previously owned accessories. Wouldn't want to have too many necklaces and not enough rings!

Make a list of all the jewelry and the handbags you have including color and style. This will help you remember what you have at home.

Look for certain statement pieces or things you wouldn't normally go for but are comfortable wearing.

If your wardrobe has a lot of neutrals(black, white, gray, navy, and brown) try looking for jewelry that has colored stones, or big statement necklaces.
 EX: Designers have gone mad with size and the new trend is the bigger the better! We also see collar necklaces, necklaces that are close to the neck which are my favorite! But there's also wide and long necklaces with lots of details. Another statement piece is the stacked necklaces. Either a bunch of different pearls or chains in different shades. Sometimes they have charms hanging or feathers. These are particularly my favorite because it gives your outfit a focus point and then you can add other simpler pieces to tie loose ends.

But if necklaces aren't your thing or at least not these giant ones we still have many options.
Bracelets this season are going to be vivid, odd shaped and thick. There's many different ways to stack them and pair them together. Remember color and tecture don't always have to be set together by the book. You can mix and match as much as you like! And as long as there is a main theme though out the bangle set. For more on Stacking Bangles visit my previous blog post HERE

  Here are a fe EX: There are vivid colors for the fall and 2012 season. Who would have thought bright reds, maroons, bright oranges and purples would be soo in this fall! Don't forget to mix and match the items in your own closet and jewelry box! You don't need to buy every single trend setting piece, you might just have a few hidden gems in your closet!                   

Our last piece of jewelry that I will mention today is the cocktail rings! There odd shapes and sizes are beautiful but sometimes intimidating! Rest assured that it really looks flattering on anyone as long as it matches your outfit! Here are a few I fell in love with!    

Many different styles from Midevil armor ro shiny gems, to even vintage rings. 

  If you're more of an earring kind of girl there's still ways to make your look stand out. Keep in mind the color and style of your clothes. 

Choose vivid, bright colors with plain neutral clothes. Or choose smaller stud like earrings for more embellished shirts and dresses. 
Here are a few very bold pieces from different collections and designers! 

If you'd like to save a little money you can always make some of these pieces your self! Create stacked necklaces, chunky necklaces, tassle earrings and more! Just search through the amazing DIY blogs and videos! 

In our next article I will discuss more Accessories that can change your outfit! 
HINT: Bags, scarfs, and shoes! 


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