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Friday, October 21, 2011

Secrets To Looking Stylish

The Life Of A Fashion Queen Series:
Series #2

Secrets To Looking Stylish: Grooming

  For anyone who loves fashion and is obsessed as much as the next fashionista, it is inconcievable to look unstylish at any moment of our day. Every outfit we put on has to define our personality and the vibe we want to give off. We pride ourselves in looking good and we take our time so we feel good too! But putting together an impeccable outfit isn't always so simple. We may see others on the internet, our favorite blogger for example, who have these amazing outfits and they look beautiful no matter what they are wearing! It's almost outrages to see them going out in a casual tee and some skinny jeans but for some reason they look like a million bucks! We envy them and want to have that kind of talent as well. So let me tell you there is a way! Don't think it has anything to do with how much an item of clothing costs! It seriously doesn't. The real secret is in grooming. Yes! Grooming! What I mean is hair and make-up, if you have those two key parts of an outfit down packed then you are set for life.

Let's break down a few key categories I think are the most important ones when prepairing and outfit.


Hair defines who we are and is something we are constantly changing every day, every moment. An easy way to stand out instantly is through our hair! Whether it's our hair cut, color, or style it identifies us as individuals. In that case, we should always take care of it and not torture it too much with heated tools or treatments. Take care of your hair and treat it right.
    When we start off our day we should style our hair flawlessly or as much as possible. It's not always easy and takes a lot of practice! We don't all have our own hair stylist at the ready to beautify us every morning, so we must learn from our youtube friends. Once you've managed those locks you'll feel like your outfit is already taking form, in just moments you begin to transform into your stylish self.


This is another important key to pulling your outfit together and over the edge of ordinary! When we add just a little bit of natural looking make up to inhance our beautiful features it gives you a more polished look. If you love your eyes concentrate on that specific portion of your face, add eyeliner or just mascara to line your eyes and define them. If you want to add a neutrual eye shadow like brown tones or beiges. Learn all you can about the colors and shapes that work the best for you skin tone and eye shape it will help out a lot if you are wearing make up that looks natural and isn't unflattering.
   If you prefer your lips then make sure to choose a shade that also complements your skin color and goes with the outfit you are wearing. You can even play up your cheeks and add a bit more blush or bronzer to make them look contoured. In the end it's all about completing the look you are going for. Most of the time we prefer to use make up to inhance our natural beauty so don't forget to just add a little at any moment to give you just a boost of confidence.

Fashionista on a Budget:
When grooming you don't have to use so much money on products, here are a few tips on how to save:

*Hair is a major up keep for any one who loves healthy looking hair. You need to go get a hair cut or trim every 3 months so it can stay healthy and strong. If the salon is costing too much consider cutting your hair yourself or going to a friend who knows how to cut hair. There are also Beauty Schools that are training students and you can get a pretty cheap cut there.

*If you color treat your hair consider doing it at home if you are comfortable with that techinique. Also, I've recently learned that you do not need to buy super expensive shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair soft and silky after treating it. What you need is a good moisture cream for styling it after. Avoid using heated tools which can dry hair and create split ends. Try a natural hairstyle, braids or headbands.

*Make-up is pretty much all the same. Find one that doesn't irritate your skin or dry it. Drug store products for mascara and lipsticks are fine. But find a good quality fondation. Basic make up products are: eyeliner, mascara, a few lipsticks, blush, bronzer, foundation, concealer, and face cream.

Here are a few pictures of day and night make up.

Leave a comment below if you have found any helpful tips or products that are worth trying!
Live a stylish life!

   In the next series I will talk about how to be stylish with accessories!

 Here are pictures of how Gaga works her colored hair and looks beautiful. Her make up is also very simple and fits her look.


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