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Friday, November 18, 2011

I Dream of Paris!

Paris, France: The Dream of all Dreams!

If you were able to go to France what would you do? Who hasn't dreamed of going to the city of lights and romance! It's one of the most beautiful cities, and even country in the world! It's an icon for every fashionista since so many amazing designers have been founded there! I can't stop tinking of traveling abroad and one place that's at the top of my list is Paris!
    I was lucky enough to go once with my whole family a few years ago but it was so unfortunet that I was a child and not the fashionista I am today.. That's why I plan to take another trip to France and other places in Europe to again relive the moment in the city that breathes fashion! Let's take a step in to the dream world and visit Pairs through our minds! ...

    Upon arriving I wouldn't even dare to miss the oppurtunity to immediately go sight seeing! Whether it's a short tour bus or on foot I would love to get as much as I can out of my trip! The city of Paris is so magical and dream like who really cares if you're tired or your feet hurt! You're in Paris! Enjoy it and take advantage to the MAX!
   Many would love to stay at a luxury hotel and for those who can do so go for it! But as for myself I've got a major budget so I would choose a more economical hotel that isn't right in the middle of the busy scene. Those hotels are always more expensive since it is a main tourist spot. Try looking for a hotel just a few miles away. Don't forget, Paris is almost like New York. Everyone is in motion, there's taxis and cars everywhere and there's a subway underground!
   It's always good to be polite especially in a place where locals are always visiting. To them you're kind of just a tourist and they are in a hurry to get to work or anywhere else they might need to go.
 So remember to bring a map and translator! Don't want to get lost!
  There's so much to see in Paris! The Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace, the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Elysees, Sacre-Coeur, Place Vendome, Chateau de Vincennes, Sainte-Chapelle, Pont Alexandre III, and Montmartre.
 Those are just the main sights to see! But there are other unknown or not as visited sights that are worth your time. Remember Paris shouldn't be rushed so plan according to your location and the time you have.

Here are a few places worth your time: Musee d'Orsay, the boat tour of the Seine River (amazing!), Le Jardin des Tuileries, Le Quartier Latin, Les Catacombs de Paris, Le Jardin de Luxemburg, Arc du Carrousel, Cirque D'Hiver- sometimes hosts circus performances in the winter, Rodin Museum, Palais Bourbon, Park Montsoouris- A beautiful romantic park, the Moulin Rouge, Palais Royal, Galeries Lafayette-department store, Conciergerie, Pantheon, Pont Neuf and there are many small shops and main plazas to find vintage and authentic French items! Try to visit the famouse French Flea Market Les Puces De Saint-Ouen or Les Puces. There are other many flea markets, here's a quick tip: get there early and make sure to have all the information and directions correct and handy! Another flea market in Paris is the Porte de Vanves which is near the Porte de Vanves metro stop.

Now that we have the sight-seeing pretty much down packed I have to mention that the restuarants are a must in Paris! The one place we continued to visit was Pizza Pino, they are pretty much everywhere! Ask the hotel receptionist what are the closest and most recomended restuarants in the area and also try and visit some outside the area you're in. Be adventurous and try anything atleast once! Experiance Paris like a true Parisian. Oh and don't forget to drink your coffee with either a croissant or a biscuit!

    I know many Fashionistas are going to want to look fabulous and they will want to bring there whole wardrobe. I advice against it! Here are some tips:

*Lay out everything and then cut out half of it!
*Bring things that match together.
*Know the weather! That way you can have an idea of what kind of clothes to bring.
*Bring flats if you're going to be walking A LOT!
*You can still be stylish and pack light!
*Remember there will be shopping! So leave some space to bring back your purchases!

Paris is a dream of mine and this time around I want to do it with style!

   Stay tuned for my next travel post.
   Stay tuned also for my How To Pack: Light!


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Who doesn't?.......I have been once when I was 18 and I loved it (the sightseeing, the shops and the views) but I would like to go again and again....
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