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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New York: The Food

I can't help but love food! It's so good and tasty and sometimes beautiful! Here are a few pictures of the plates that we had over in New York!

I swear I had more than just cheeseburgers in NY! But didn't get a chance to snap a shot of everything! Maybe next time! Everyone has to try the Oreo Cake, I bought mine at Starbucks inside a Barnes and Noble. It must have been from the Cheesecake Factory they have been displayed lately.
What's your favorite food/dessert??


Dphenice said...

Yum, nice photos! I've never been to New York but I heard the food there is amaaaaazing! And my favorite food has to be ramen! We've got some bombass asian food in California =)

Forever Fashion said...

I've never been to California but can wait to visit!! It must be beautiful!!


Shawn Giles said...

IMG now im hungry! Did you get a chance to go to Dallas BBQ in Times Square or Burgers and Cupcakes...mmmmhmmmmm loves New York..or 2 bro's pizza $1 for the biggest slice of pizza on earth...good a total foodie at heart

Forever Fashion said...

OMG! I have to try those places next time!! :DDD It's soo crazy when ever I go that I never have time to go to new places!! Thanks for telling me!!

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