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Monday, November 21, 2011

New York Weekend Trip

   Hey everyone! By the title of this post you may already know that I'm headed up to New York for a long weekend trip!! I'll be staying up there with my family for about 6 days! I haven't visited since last year and man it feels like ages!! I love New York always have from the first time I visited!! It's an amazing city! Any part of it is breathtaking! Though it's crazy, crowded and confusing I adore the big apple! But everytime I go I have the problem of over packing! AH! So this time I'm going to pack light and it will be my goal for the trip! So here we go!

How to Pack Light for a Weekend Trip to New York: 
   The weather will be between the 60's to the 40's. I'm really hoping it stays between that temperature. Rememeber the colder the more layers you'll need. So check the weather the week before you leave to get an accurate estimate of the temperature.
   Unfortunetly I wont be staying in New York City this time I am going to be in New Jersey for the weekend with family. Which means I wont be walking around as much so I wont get a lot of my things dirty with rain, dirt, or sludge. I do plan on heading into the city as often as possible though! I plan to be minimelistic about what I bring with me and only bring the neccessities and a few favorite accessories to tie everything together.
Here is a list of what I am taking:

-2 pairs of pants
-5 longsleeve shirts
-1 hoodie
-2 hats
-3 scarfs
-1leather jacket
-1 coat
-1 pairs of pajamas
-under garmets

Your list may vary but this is just to give you a general idea of what you can take as basics.
Here are a few pictures and a video on how I packed super light for my trip!


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