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Friday, November 4, 2011

Secrets To Looking Stylish: Part 3

The Life Of A Fashion Queen Series:
Secrets To Looking Stylish: Part 3
Series #3

Secrets to Looking Stylish: Accessories

In our previous posts we have discussed how to be stylish with your hair, make up, and jewelry! But we'll continue or Fashion Queen series with How to Look Stylish with Accessories! These accessories include bags, scarfs and shoes but there's more to it than just those three categories! Hope these few tips and tricks that I've learned throughout my experience help you guys out too! Make sure to leave a comment with any helpful advice! Let's get right into the secrets!


There was a time when bags were my main obsession and if you notice these three categories have all been my obsession at any given point. Who can blame me when sometimes there are beautifully made goods that are eyes can't stop staring at! From Dolce & Gabbana to Tory Burch, they've all inspired amazing pieces! What's in trend now? Animal print. Sequins. Bright vivid neon colors. From clutches to overside totes. Bring out all the stops because it's gonna be huge this fall and spring!


If there's one thing I people know me for it's for the scarfs! I love them and think they are so fashionable and seem to make any plain outfit instantly chic! I've been collecting scarfs since 09 when I first entered the Forever 21 store in New York. Who knew it's be love at first sight as my eyes settled on all the merchandise and it was in New York! I couldn't resist! 
  So for those fashionistas looking for a light weight accessory that won't be too much of a hassle scarfs are the way to go. 
They keep you warm and stylish in the winter. Choose chunkier material or larger scarfs. 
For the summer I'd opt for a silk scarf just to tie around your neck or even on the handle of your bag. You can also use a scarf around your wrist or as a headband. That's why I love scarfs, there's so many possibilities at any given moment! 

Here's some inspiration! Gucci Silk Scarf and chunky knitted scarfs

The greatest accesory of them all! 
With Shoes you can be as crazy or as conservative as you want! But remember to be stylish always! I love shoes because they can brighten a plain black or neutral colored dress instantly! If you need a little help tying your outfit together or making in go over the edge then shoes can help you out! There are styles and colors for every single person! I love looking at new ones and finding amazing sales on beautiful shoes! 

Mega platforms, wedges, laces, bright colors, and also color blocking!

So when you can't seem to look as stylish as you want remember there are steps to getting there! Grooming, Jewelry and Accesories! Don't forget to visit the previous series to learn more about the secrets. Secrets To Looking Stylish  and Secrets To Looking Stylish: Jewelry


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