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Monday, December 5, 2011

A Visit to Gaga's Work Shop @ Barneys New York!

  OMG! I can't believe I went to Gaga's Workshop inside Barneys New York! AH! Best time ever, it was so Gaga and at the same time not enough! I have to admit I found everything to be super overpriced (seriously a lolipop for $25??) But I was able to but a special little item! Though I would have never paid $35 for it! I had to it was a little piece of Gaga and needed to have it in my wardrobe or else I would regret it!!
   Even though the opening was last week (can't believe I missed Gaga again! always happens!) The store was completely crowded and it was scorching hot! I went around twice and took pictures of most of the attractions! Let me know if you had a chance to visit! Enjoy the pictures!!

Leather Jackets
Gaga Spider

Neon Welcome Sign
Art Work
Lady Gaga
Art Work

Shopping Bag


Dphenice said...

Love all your photos! You are living the fab life :9

Hannah Louise said...

Amazing! If you'd like me to make you one of the pink leopard pocket tees please email me what colour / size (XS/S/M/L/XL) on x

Shawn Giles said...

In love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loveeees NYC

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