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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Want List Revisited: January 2011

So I went back to the beginning of my blog where I had posted a blog about a want list. The want list is sorta like a wish list but with the outcome of actually obtaining the items on the list. I am happy to say that before the year is over I have been able to get a few items on the list! A lot I noticed were gloves and unfortunetly could not find a pair anywhere that I really trully liked. But here are the items I was able to buy!

1. I was able to finally find this spike necklace! I know it's not the spike bracelet I wanted but it's soo awesome! From Forever 21

2. I also was able to buy this super soft and gorgeous green cheetah print scarf last year in Forever 21

For the rest of the Want list visit the blog post here The Life of A Fashion Queen: The Want List


Shawn Giles said...

LOVING IT!I love that forever 21 has the spiked jewelry...sooo reasonable and really cute!!!

Marella said...

Such a lovely post and a great blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Amber Blue Bird said...

what a wicked cool necklace!

dangstyle said...

I love spikey jewelry, I got two spikey necklaces from Forever21 myself :D

Forever Fashion said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

I lovee spikes too!! They transform anything girlie to edgy!

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