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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What a little time does and a little dye

So it hasn't been that long since I dyed my hair a very orangy brown/blonde kind of color. The color has faded a bit but there still is a huge difference from the dark brown I use to be! The before picture is the one to the left (obviously the darker shade!) and the after picture is the one on the right! It's been four months since I dyed my hair and I haven't cut the ends since May. I'm in serious need of a trimming! But I like my color and wont change it until I go back to my original hair! By now I already have 2 inch roots growing in but I love it because now I can achieve the ombre effect in my hair. Hopefully it works out! I'll let you guys know in a few months!


Daisy said...

the lighter brown looks much better on you! Very beautiful :)

xoxo Daisy

virgit said...

Love love the colour of your hair I also did the ombre hair last summer but I bleach my hair and it looks amazing mine use to be lighter but now is getting darker I think I have to go back to the hairdresser love the look and love your hair sweetie can't wait till your hair grows up kisses

Anamarija said...

You are soo cute :)!! And I really like your blog, following!

pia said...

love the hair, cute blog
following !

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