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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chocolate Cake Pops

Hey everyone! I've recently gotten obsessed with baking and have decided to try my hand in these super cute desserts! These cake pops are extremely easy to make and are yummy! So here's how I did it.

The cake was already made and I truly didn't like the taste of it at all. So I decided to crumble it up and pour out a scoup and a half of vanilla icing from Betty Crocker that I had into the crumbled cake pile.
  I mixed it up, first with a spoon then with my hands, until it was all combined.
After I rolled it into 7 little balls. (mind I only did this with a fairly large slice of cake and NOT the entire cake.)
After rolling them I sprayed baking spray on a plate and placed the cake pops on top. Also putting them in the freezer for 45 minutes. After there time was up I heated Bakers Chocolate and melted it in the microwave until it was easy to dip the pops. Instructions on the box.
I tried using toothpicks but it was a failed attemp since they kept falling out. I ended up just taking the toothpick out and covering it with chocolate.
Since the cake pops were cold the chocolate hardend very quickly and I served in just a few minutes! They were sweet and the chocolate was thick.

I can't wait to continue practicing my baking skills! Always loved it!


Etienne Stoller said...

Fellow baker! These look lovely! Might have to try my hand at them...

Lots of love xx

Babe Jane said...

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keep in touch with fashion said...

wooowww good job!!!! I want to try this!!! so hungry!!
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Jaymie said...

those look like complete chocolate heaven, dribble.

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