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Monday, December 12, 2011

Inspiration Of The Day: Alexandra HRH

Hey everyone! I've seen many videos of HRH: Alexandra on youtube and read her blog every once and awhile. She's a really pretty girl who has lots of nice things. Who doesn't like nice things?! She has a very classy style that some may not like too much but I surely like some pieces she owns! She's my inspiration today because of the plum/pink lipstick she is wearing in this pic! I love the color! And she looks like a doll here! So pretty! Well let me know if you've heard of her!

     What's your favorite blogger?? I haven't found one yet!


SILVIA said...

wonderful post!
I´ve just met you...and I love it!!!!

Dphenice said...

Wow! I just looked her up and shes got amaaazing taste in clothes. Thank you!

And I believe my favorite blogger is BecauseImAdditced. You may have heard of her, but shes amazing!

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