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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Honor..

Wow! I can't belive that Virgit from Preppy Fashionista has actually presented me with this Blogger award! I see it as such an honor and such a big deal! Thank you so much Virgit for nominating me! 
Being apart of the blogging community is wonderful and inspiring, but sometimes you stop and think, "is anyone reading this?" There is but you have to work at it for about a year until it really gets going. Keep going all you new bloggers!
Well I guess this is the part I tell you guys 7 things you didn't know about me!

* I love to write and plan to get puished one day
*My favorite show is Pretty Little Liars
*My favorite store H&M, but I never shop their b.c there isn't one where I live
*I love sewing and making new things
*I wish to open a little bakey shop one day
*Would love to travel the world
*I love Fall and Spring, the inbetween climates where it's not too hot or cold.

And here are the 15 special blogs I nominate the award to who I love to read about! I hope you guys check them out!

Check them out! :) 

Happy blogging!


Francesca said...

Thank you my dear!! I'm really glad you find something inspiring im my blog and you like it! love your style too:)

mike i make said...

Thank you so much.I am happy that you like my blog.Big kiss from Montenegro :*

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