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Friday, March 30, 2012

I'll Stand Up For You: Nerds

Hey everyone! I always wondered how I would look with glasses and these rayban style are definitely my type! I like the oversize look and the tortous color is cute. But a side from that I wanted to let you guys know that these long locks are getting chopped today! So I will post a second time today to show you all how I cut my hair this time around. 
If you all were wondering I think my hair length is about 24 inches. I don't want to cut the length of it at all but I MUST trim those burnt ends and get some layers maybe. Hopefully I love it once I get out of the salon. Stay tuned! :D

If you're wondering about the title... Have you seen the trailer for the new Anti Bully movie coming out in theatres? I found it so sad and still inspirational. I hope you do too. Here's the link: Bully


Anonymous said...

Most beautiful neard I have ever seen. If all neards looked like you there would be no bullys. Great pics!

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