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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds

The first time I heard Marina and the Diamonds I was shopping in Forever 21 and they played "Hollywood." I adored her voice and the beat of her music. But after downloading that one song I never searched her up again. We all have had moments in our lives when a certain genre of music has been more abundant in our ipods. Now the Indie/Soft music is coming back in to my life! 
I'm obsessing over Primadonna, Marina's new single, after watching the music video I was instantly hooked! 
Watch it here!

What are your favorite artists at the moment??


Senne said...

I still love Rihanna, she's my idol since like 5 years and still, i love her, hihi

Miss B said...

Love this song! :) Thanks for sharing!

canvasofculture said...

Oh I love her music! and really loving Young the giant atm:) Cute blog!

K said...

OOH, this one is new to me!! love it!!!! thanks for sharing :)

love K

Annie said...

don't suppose you can try and find the pink shirt dress she wears when circling the chandelier?

Forever Fashion said...

I found a dress that looks very similar! Check out my latest post!!

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