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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I usually don't post about home decor but this is something so special. When I have my own house I want it to look something like this! There's only two pictures because I hate having too many ideas going on in just one post! Stay tuned for more inspiration. 

For now enjoy the french inspired love seat and the soft blue room with the picture wall. It's definitely an idea I will consider doing. I love photos and the velvet seats are just amazing!  


Beckerman Girls said...

That turquoise room is INCREDIBLE!!! I just love the energy in the room!!!! WOWOWO- what a creative room! And that double chair is like nothing I have ever seen..what a cool loveseat!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Fabiana said...

love interior design!!!I like really much your blog, would you like follow each other?
I'll be waiting for you!

Cate.B said...

Great post!

Sandra Leiva said...

Nice interior design! <3

After Dreams said...

nice house inspiration darling :) love it xx

The New Girl In Town said...

What a cool chair!:)

xx Laura

ChloƩ Wallace said...

Just perfect, love it.

Virgit said...

amazing love it I would love it to have it like that too great choice

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