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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inspiration Of The Day: Mother Monster

I have no idea why I haven't done a post on Lady Gaga!! I know there are so many out there already but come on! You can't go wrong with talking about the Mother Monster! Her style, though quite controversial and eccentric, it is one of a kind. This is something we ALL strive to have, don't we? But she executes her outfits well. She also presents herself in a glamorous and over the top way! She never apologizes for being true to herself and bravo for her! Many people in this world want to be drabby old cookie cutter clones. But why must we be told what to do?! No! We have to be unique and spontaneous in everything we do and through our clothes we can share what's truly in our souls. Who's to tell us what to wear!
She is beautiful, talented and has an amazing vision! I remember when I went to my first concert which happened to be The Monster Ball! It was inspirational and I will NEVER forget it! She cries with all her little monsters and shows us that she cares! I can't wait to attend Born This Way Ball!
BTW doesn't she just look gorgeous in the photo below!! OMG!


Lucie Srbová said...

She looks gorgeous on those pics:)

Marta Mendes said...

She is really something xx

Aminta Paiz said...

I adore the "Mother Monster" indeed she is inspirational <3 ...

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