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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Live Life Like It's My Last

I guess I never really thought about it till the other day as I pondered on the question of life. I have my own beliefs but I would like to share with you the opinion I have over the meaning of life. I believe it's meant to be lived in a pure, beautiful way. One that does not involve drugs, immorality, violence or extreme life threatening activities. There are so many things that are worth living for and that have nothing to do with the messed up things society considers to be "neccesary" for a good time. 
What's wrong with going to the park and reading a book under a tree? 
Or spending time with friends at the movies? 
Maybe even going on a trip with your bestfriend!
What ever it is let it be amazing! Don't let society or this world bring you down!
Here are my plans for this summer!

1. Go to the beach/pool every week (as much as I can)

2. Hang out with friends (as much as I can)

3. Have amazing sleepovers with my best girls

4. Have the most EPIC graduation party of 2012

5. Go to California and/or New York

6. Finish my novel at the end of summer

7. Go to an Amuesment Park!

8. Meet lots of new people

9. Finish my room!

10. Better myself as a person :)

I know I sound like I'm 15 again haha! But really why try and grow up so fast? This moment will never come again and I want to enjoy it to the fullest!

What plans are you making for summer?


Tessa: said...

Great list. Actually I think mine is a sort of the same, just enjoining summer to the fullest!

Paulina said...

So nice post:)

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