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Friday, May 18, 2012

On Stage I Feel Most Alive

What's In My Recital Dance Bag?
There's millions of youtubers out there who have talked about their dance bag and all that. But I have yet to hear the story of an ex-dancer who's coming back! That's my story and I hope you guys like this video!
Here I give you an inside view on what I will carry to my Recital for Dance! I talk about the make up I use and extra items needed!


Minna said...

Thanks for visiting! I loved watching your video! =)

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Paulina said...

Pretty post:)

Joanna K. said...

Love your blog!!FOllowing you!!
I'd love it if you check out mine out and tell me what you think!!

Cynthia Bagué said...

Great video!!


Natalie said...

What a cute video! Random, but I love the yellow color of your walls haha :)

Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

Svetlana said...

interesting post! nice video))

Starry eyed X said...


IvanaDanaTatjana VKP said...

Nice post! <3

Cate Adriana B. said...

Nice blog! x

Morgan Brooks said...

You are such a beauty love. Fun post!

lucia m said...

love it!


Rossella Padolino said...

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