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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's Go To The Beach!

I always wonder how celebrities/models can look so fabulous at the beach. I go on look like a whale out of the water! -.- Who totally understands me?
Well I've been doing some research on how to look pretty good at the beach. (can't guarantee anything ladies! I have yet to try this out.)
Here are my Beach Tips:

1. Choose a swimsuit that you feel pretty/good/skinny in.
Color, style, fit is so important. I realize that now, I only like very slim fitting, one pieces for some reason that have low backs. I also prefer black or dark colors like navy blue. I have yet to find a brand that has perfect bathing suits everytime I shop but I have two bathing suits that are my favorite! one from Material Girl and the other from Kenneth Cole Reaction. 

2. Don't wear make up! 
I wore make up to the beach one time, what a fail! I looked like a racoon at the end of the day and there was no way to get it off! There is no point but if you want choose a waterproof mascara that you have tried out already.

3. Big and Cute Sunnys
These are a must to hide from the sun and look put together even without makeup! I never forget these and always whip them out when a camera is pointed.

4. Clear sunblock
Who wants to look like a snowman at the beach?? I love the clear spray on sports sunblock that dries super quick and lasts for hours! You gotta protect that lovely skin from the sun.

5. The Cover up
This can definitely make it or break it. If your swim suit is simple choose a dress or romper. If your suit has ruffles use a vest and shorts. If you have a bikini use a tank and shorts. 

I don't own any of these pictures.


Kate said...

Great tips! I'm looking for a cute new coverup for the beach this weekend!

Adriana said...

all of these are cute! I love the stripped one! TOO CUTE =)

LaJune16 said...

Beautiful <333

Paulina said...

So nice photos!

Simplicity is Chic said...

Nice tips.

Kisses, Em**

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