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Friday, June 22, 2012

New Trend: Sailor Stripes

I'm so cheezy with my titles haha! But really, let's admit it stripes remind of us the Nautical theme and Sailors! At least to me they do and that's the story behind the title haha. 
Well, if you've been with my blog since November 2011 I began a little monthly post of New Trends, Red Lips and Hot Pink Lips are the posts I did. But sadly I didn't continue until now! This time I'm bringing to you the super cute trend of stripes! Now this may not be in the magazines but it's definetly in my fashion book! And I will show you in the video 3 very simple and cute ways to wear stripes! :) Hope you like it!

Outfit 1:
Shirt and necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: DIY Anklee Skinny Abby Dawn
Shoes: Chanel

Outfit 2:
Shirt and Skirt: Ann Taylor
Jacket: Forever 21
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Outfit 3:
Shirt and Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross


Paulina said...

So nice post:)

Jazz Banks said...

love this video!

Cynthia Bagué said...

Sailor stripes are a must! :)


Wendy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! ;-). Avoid the mall is a good salution, hihi. Nice video!! Follow you now!


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