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Monday, June 4, 2012

Okay I'll Admit It

Okay guys... it was a secret until now because I can't keep quiet any longer!! I've got the infection.. the One Direction Infection that is!! I have known them for awhile actually, all because of Tumblr haha. And as much as I tried not to like them it was so hard to resist those adorable faces! Especially Zayns' who is my all time FAVORITE! I seriously wanted nothing to do with fandom and the fangirling and the crazy obsessiveness that comes with cute boy bands. But I heard their first single, What makes you beautiful, and automatically a smile popped on my face! I couldn't help it! So I avoided it for a few months not really searching up their music or anything so that maybe I wouldn't like them, didn't work. After a year the tour dates were up to come to America! After a few months of seeing them every where I got hooked on their voices and downloaded the entire CD! I wish I could have gone to a CD signing and I wish I was going to the concert this year but I'll have to wait till NEXT year! Isn't that a bummer! Oh well, guess I'll have more time to think about wth I'm going to wear!
Do you guys like One Direction? Who's your fav?
What did you wear to the concert?


Megha Varshini said...

i havent heard of them! will definitely google now..

Bernadeth said...

ahhh i love them!

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