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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sorry For The Sudden Absence....

Hello lovelies!! I'm so sorry but I will be away from my computer for about two work days and the weekend for a total of four days!! Which means no posts on Thursday or Friday! But this will give me some time to brainstorm on what to talk about next!! I hope you guys are having an amazing Summer!! I have yet to go to the beach! But I will let you know when that happens. For now I'm just going on vacation with my family and friends. I will post about what happened when I come back! For now enjoy my inspirational board. I always love these!

Spots are another obsession of mine!

Aren't her shoes fabulous!? They always are!

This indie outfit is what inspired me to get my own green shorts. Now I just need a vest like this one!

Love these bright suits! 


yiqin; said...

love the polka dot top

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

This is really lovely, you have a great style. And you present it really good on your blog. Impressed. :)

Paulina said...

Great second outfit <3

ylenia said...

Great pics, so inspiring!
And nice blog you've here, I'm following you right now =)
Hope you will have time to visit my blog too and follow back if you like it!

Marta Mendes said...

Love it :) xx

Michelle's Style File said...

Wonderful inspiration!


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