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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Want List: June 2012

I havent done one of these in a while and I decided I would! 
While I'm out looking for the perfect giveaway gift (coming soon!!) I should entertain you guys with fashion post! I would also like to say that I'm very sorry if my pictures aren't as fabulous as I want them to be. I try! Lol
Okay on with this want list!

1. Andi Flat Iron. This is the iron I use but mine is completly dead! 
I seriously need a new one ASAP!

2. Ray Ban Wafarer Glasses 
I just adore these!

3. Steve Madden Wedges!
They are currently not in my size which I'm so mad about!!


Aixa Sanmiguel said...

Las sandalias están lindisimas!

Nee said...

those steve maddens are great!! i love wedges:)

Paulina said...

Great sandals!

cecylia said...

those tan wedges are divine- greta for summer! You should get them!

preetandpoor said...

las planchas son nuestras mejores amigas! que haríamos sin ellas! muaka

Cynthia Bagué said...

I agree with all your wishes :) I need them too!


Monika said...

Great !

You look divine!

Regards, and welcome to each other :)

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