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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life Of A Fashion Queen Series: My Grad Bash Planning

(This dates back to July 28,2012)

Okay guys, I'll treat this as my diary for now. 
You all know that I'm done with HS and I'm on my way to college very soon just in 5 weeks! Oh god so nervous but so excited! I really can't wait to get into class again and get out of my house. I know some days I will just miss being lazy but I'm growing up and need to get my responsibilities straight. But before all that happens and I become a busy college girl I'm throwing the biggest, baddest most epic party of 2012! (in my opinion and I believe we should always think highly of oursleves, no one else will!) But to create this epic party I'm gonna have to plan A LOT!! The party is in 4 weeks and I'm almost through with this week! PANIC! I'm getting the invitations printed by the end of this week, date, time and place is already set. I also have a hook up to print a few decorations I will need. More on that later. For now I wanted to talk about what I have been up to these past three/four days! 

I have been vigorously choosing music to play at the party, already have a DJ, but I need great music. Any one have ideas on what's the best "dance/pop" music? I'm having a bit of trouble just because a lot of the songs are mixed or house. Suggestions are welcome just leave it in the comment box please!

The next thing I have been up to, other than designing the invitations and the decorations, is the invite list. Recently it went from like 110 down to 85. Which is fine because I only want true friends in my party, no room for haters in this house!! But I still think it's too many people, I'm not about to get in to debt right before college! lol It's a little difficult to X out friends that I see often so it's on a hold list until I get an outside opinion. 

For the next few days I will be working with my brother-in-law who does printing work and he will be printing my invites! I'll have to give him the details and tell him how many I need by then. 
I will also have to order a few decorations this weekend just so they come on time and I'm prepared. I like to buy my decor ahead of time so the week of the party I'm not so stressed and I only have to get the food ect. 

For now I am swamped with planning! Hopefully next week I'm done with the invitations, the invite list, the music and food! All will be revealed next week if I'm done!


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