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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Life Of...

So my blog is very general at the moment while at other times I give you an inside look on my opions, likes, wants and dreams. I really want to make this a blog that has two functions: 
1. A personal blog that goes through the events that happen in my life (mostly related to fashion or anything exciting) and 2. How to be a Fashion Queen. 
To me a Fashion Queen is someone who knows the trends but has her own style and incorporates whatever she likes into her wardrobe no matter the season. She's someone fearless and she's a risk taker. She likes to push the boundaries and see how others will react. Fashion is her main focus but she still has a gift for makeup, hair and a healthy life style. 
Let me know as soon as possible if you guys are interested in this idea? I really want to get my blog to a more personal and professional standard.

For now, I am so sorry to say that I will be gone for the next four days and wont post again until Monday next week! So sorry! My family decided to go on vacation for 4th of July also. 
For now enjoy these awesome, inspirational pictures!

I do NOT own any of these images!
I have no idea who she is but she is beautiful! Def has that IT factor! 

Menswear is such an inspiration for me, I love the button ups, the bow ties and the skinny blazers. 
But this is inspiration for those fashionable men out there! Or for any man trying to figure out how to dress themselves. 

This school boy look is adorable, not for your 20+ year old tho! 
I recommend those brown tones pants, button up shirts, suspenders and maybe a blazer for anyone over the age of 20. You need to look like a man not a boy! (remember sometimes less is more and other times more is more!)


Marta Mendes said...

Adoro o primeiro outfit! xx

Melissa said...

i love it!
Love your blog, i'm following you now follo back?
love, Melissa.

By Larissa said...

Hi babe,
Nice blog!

Gagan said...

LOVE the outfit in the first picture, the necklace is gorgeous!

Joanna K. said...

lovely post!!

A Possible Fantasy said...

lovely set of pics! so inspiring!

do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
see you around!

A Possible Fantasy said...

thanks for your lovely comment, happy to follow you back! xx

Fash Boulevard said...

Fabulous post, love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo

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