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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mini College Series: The Fashion Queen Goes To College

Okay so I'm doing this mini college series because I'm super excited to be off to college and I think it will be helpful for any fashionista that is going to college for the first time. I'm learning all this as I go so forgive me if I get things wrong or they don't come out perfect!

This first series is going to be about how to transition from High School to College.

Everyone tells me that college is extremely different then high school. Everyone is there to learn and no one is looking at you, well I seriously can't believe it till I see it. 
People always look at others and there may not be such a close knit student body but I know that there are still cliques. I guess I'll find out when I get their. 

 Another thing people have said is that the teachers don't don't care if you come to class or not. 
I guess cause they get paid whether you're there or not. But I don't think that is the case. I think it depends on the teacher and whether you truly want to learn.

Let's also try and remember that college is bigger and more impersonal in my opinion. 
This means that it's abit harder to make friends, at least for me it is since I am a very shy person. I find it  difficult to go up to strangers and start talking. So for me I would get to know others by the 'friends of friends' method. 

I never went to high school but I always thought that it was the time to dress how you wanted and to express yourself through your clothes. This is why I don't understand why college would be so unfashionable! Like you're becoming an adult now why not dress the part! 
I know many wont want to use up their nice clothes but at least get some nice clothes for college. 
That's why you go on a make to school shopping spree! If you saw my post about the new school want list that's exactly what it was! 

Lastly, I seriously don't believe that college should be boring, or unfahionable. It should be fun! So take electives, try new things, meet new people. Find out something you never knew about yourself!
Remember this is the short period before you head into the real world, take advantage and use it to the max! 

My next series will be tomorrow and I'll be talking about the College Outfits! My favorite part of going to school, dressing up.


Kate said...

Good luck starting college!
If your college seems too big to find friends, try joining some clubs! Its a smaller group, and easier to talk to new people, and you'll already have something in common to talk about!
Also, you're completely right! Studies show that students who dress nicely (not sweatpants/tshirts) when they go to class do better :)

Dphenice said...

YES! Still dress well in college! Will make you stand out. I don't recommend joining a sorority, because throwing yourself in that environment can take your creativity away.

God, I just know too many girls that got really fucked up by joining sororities.

Just curious, are you attending a school in California?

Kat said...

i think it depends on the person and the school. like obviously all the fashion people in a art school are gonna dress nicely. and a lot of people just get really lazy. i'll definitely be dressing nicely everday though :P

Forever Fashion said...

Yeah I'm not joing a sorority or anything. I still love to dress nice tho :)
And no I'm not going to school in California, I'm all the way down here in FL

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