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Monday, July 23, 2012

Spoiler! My Favorite Shows

Okay guys, I have to talk about my favorite shows! Some have started some are about to start and some are going into their last season! So here we go! 

Let me know your favorite shows below?

Pretty Little Liars,
This show has been one of my favorite shows ever since 2010 in its premire!! Omg it has been a show that never sucked and never got canceled! I really hope they finish it strong and I'm thinking they will finish it this season cause theres only so much that can happen... so you think! Aria is my favorite character, maybe I relate to her shortness and her sense of style. But I also relate to her big eyes and dark locks. Therefore Aria and Ezra are my favorite couple!! Loved Ezra ever since I first met him in episode one! He's adorable, understand, and oh so cute!! LOL 

Teen Wolf, 
I first started seeing this cause they had some really cute guys! haha I thought it was gonna be a stupid show but it ended up being really really good!! I haven't started watching the second season though!! OMG But I will once I get a break from all my work and school, yuck! lol. Scott is obviously my fav but only because he's adorable funny! I have an ultimate crush on Derek!! Lol that bad boy persona is so hard to resist. 

Vampire Diaries,
Okay this is my number one show!! I've been seeing it since it's premier back in 2009 wow! It's been 3 years of loyalty through the dark, the evil and the kinda slow side of the story. I will forever love this show not only because Damon and Stefan are the most handsome men I've ever seen but their personalities and quirks make them real! I hate watching something and seeing right through and actor/actress. It's the most frustrating thing ever. BTW I am all for team Stefan and Elena!! Sorry Damon but they will forever belong together no matter what! I can't wait for it to start again in the fall! Ohhh the tension builds!

Gossip Girl, 
This show started airing back in 2007 when I was still a young girl who wasn't into all these boy crazy-dramatic teen shows. I saw bits and pieces of the show thanks to my obsessed sister and saw her reading the books. I was super curious and wanted to start reading the books. But because she didn't have the first novel I never got into it. I finally gave in last year and started watching the show from start to finish and I have never been the same. In the beginning I was all for Serena and Dan, and I thought Blair was meant to be with Nate. But as I continued to get to know these people I began to fall in love with Blair and her wickedness, her dark evil side. I loved the way Serena dresses though and eventually I loved the way Blair dressed too. Now in this final season that passed with all the twists and turns and disappointments I am so ready for the final season that I think will be the end of GG! Noooo!! It's terrible really I always looked forward to this amazing show! But in the end it better turn out the way everyone hopes. Blair with Chuck another sexy stylish man! He is the iconic playboy billionaire and use to be the selfish uncaring kind of guy. But with Blair's help he completly changed and now the two schemers are meant to be! Sure the books are totally diffrent and now I will probably never read them to not mess up my perfect image of GG. 

What are your favorite shows??


samecookiesdifferent said...

looove gossip girl
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3

Kat said...

i LOVEEEE all these shows! ive never seen teen wolf!! but im obsessed with all the other shows :D

yiqin; said...

PLL isnt sao good now anymore :(

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