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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Liebster Award!

I'm seriously thrilled that Tori from My Thrifty Chic has given me the honor of awarding me with a Liebster Award! I had no idea what it was until I read her post, the Liebster Award is given to bloggers with under 200 Google Friend Connect (GFC) followers to help them promote and share their blog in the blogging community. It means so much to me that the blogging community has been so kind and helpful! And Thank you so much Tori for giving this award to me!!!

The rules are: you tell your nominees you nominated them, you answer the questions, and you link back to the lovely blog that nominated you.

There is also a list of questions we have to answer to go along with it... 

1. Which blogger inspires you or you simply just love and cannot get enough of?
Wow I love so many bloggers! But my top three will have to be Blonde Bedhead, Vivaluxury and BalletandPinkroses Their style is so amazing and is constantly evolving! I loving seeing their new outfits and learning how they piece different and unexpected pieces together!

2. What is your horoscope sign?

Just like Tori, I don't follow my horoscope but I am an aquarius.

3. What are two quotes you love?

This one is hard! lol Hmmm

"Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal." Yves Saint Laurent

"The Shadows Betray You Because They Belong To Me." Bane

4. What is one thing this summer you must do, no ifs or buts about it?

I have many things planned for summer but the one thing I have to do no matter what is have a graduation party, I want to end summer with an epic party! lol 

5. What are 3 words your friends would use to describe you?

#1 Energetic
#2 Fashionable
#3 Adventurous

6. What is one dream you hope to achieve in your life journey?

I have so many dreams lol! But one I hope to achieve is to have my books published in my lifetime.
There are other dreams like traveling around the world, being in a movie, being known as a fashion guru is another dream I really want to achieve one day too. 

7. What is your favorite dish to eat?

Food is just amazing! How can I choose one? But I'd say pasta with alfredo sauce and a parmesan chicken. Love it!! But I also love filet mignon!

8. Who is one person that inspires you in your life?

Coco Chanel inspires me because she came from nothing and became the greatest woman in the world and is still influential even though it's been decades!

9. What is one thing you are looking forward to this fall?

This fall I am looking forward to wearing my scarves and also to travel to NY for winter break! I love going in the winter. Down here in FL it's summer all the time so it's nice to get away from the heat. I love wearing deep earthy colors and comfy jumpers. 

10. Favorite television shows that start up in the fall or now summer?

Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl start up in the fall!! :D I can't wait!

11. What are the top 5 places you want to travel?
#1 France
#2 Italy
#3 California
#4 Australia
#5 India

Here are the lucky blogs I nominate:

The Purple Clown
Romeos Fashion Fix

Now you ladies have to go spread the Liebster Award to other amazing bloggers!


Cynthia Bagué said...

such a cool idea!


Kat said...

congrats on the award!!! :) you totally deserve it :)

Lisina Betty said...

lovely blog...we have one mummy and doughter blog..if you want we can follow each other... kiss

Chris Ed said...

Happy Award:D Thx so much for your lovely comment,
xx chris

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