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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back To School Series: Clothing Haul!

Okay guys! I have to admit I have a completely different mentality then the last time I was in a classroom. No duh, it's been 4 years!! My style has changed and I have grown up. Besides this is college we're talking about! I will admit that I might not ever wear wedges or heels, (I have classes for two days all day!) I'm not going to suffer while I can wear really cute flats! So here is my clothing haul for school clothes, shoes, and accessories! Wahoo! Are you as excited as I am??



Andrea said...

Hi!!! I really loved the haul! I am strating college too!! Do you have twitter so that we can keep up with each other? mine is @shineonbyandrea
and by the way subscribe to my youtube channel I will subscribe to you too!!

Paulina said...

Nice post:)

Joanna K. said...

lovely post!!

BBella said...

Your blog is awesome and you look great :)
how about following each other?

xx BBella

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