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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

College Ready!

I really hope you guys like my video today! It's kinda like a vlog since I go into my plans for the next few weeks. You guys know I'm starting college in 3 weeks! I went to orientation today which was a little bit of a drag -.- But it had to be done! I have to chose my classes and all that but that's pretty easy. Will do it tomorrow. I have major plans not sure if you guys noticed my party planning post but that's exactly where I'm headed!! A grad party! Woot woot!! More on that soon, as soon as I get my packages! hehe :) It'll be awesome! 
Here's my video for my outfit of the day!


Couture-Street said...

I love that cardigan :)

Cynthia Bagué said...

Good luck with college!!!


Ruth Arthasya said...

Enjoy yo college life!:D
Following your nice blog!<3
Follow me back, if you like!:)

Joanna K. said...

lovely post!!

Erin said...

You will love college! It's amazing-wish I was back there now!


Erin @

Dee O. said...

Aww, what an exciting time in your life :) I remember when I started college, it was such an amazing experience! You are going to love it, you learn so much about life and about people, as well as whatever subject you're majoring in lol. It's great!


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