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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Currently Reading....

Just wanted to show you guys what I'll be reading for the next few months! 
Frozen and Edgar Allan Poe were given to me by my mama. Love the genetically advanced kind of books like Frozen. And Poe is a classic!
The bottom two were gifts from my bestie! I've been dying to read the Night Circus and Phantom is my obsession! hehe!

What have you guys read or are currently reading??

Amazing Vogue magazine with Gaga!! Had to have this

This was an AMAZING STEAL!!!!! Omg I am sooo extremely happy to have gotten the Gaga book which was at a bargain price for only $10!!! I almost flipped when I saw it!! This book costs $50 and back when I saw it at last years Monster Ball we were gonna purchase it but decided not to. I'm so happy I waited patiently hehe!


Sandra Leiva said...

Vogue <3


That was an amazing find :)

Kara Chelsie said...

Hahahaha! That is a definite bargain. Omg you should do a post of your favourite photos in the book! I know there will be many photos that you love, haha hard to resist falling in love with every single photo.

But I am too soo excited for their next book :D


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