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Monday, August 6, 2012

Life Of A Fashion Queen Series: Party Planning

You guys are now entering the super secret party planning world of the Fashion Queen herself!
I live to have epic, amazingly fantasic and unforgetable parties! Every single party, with out fail, that I have planned has come out great and unforgetable!! I planned my sister's graduation party last year and no other party could compare! (totally not being biased as I'm basing my self off of known facts!)
This is sorta off my general topic of 'fashion' but in a way it does have something to do with it. I mean what kind of Queen can't throw a fabulous party!? Let's get started with my fool proof party planning!

Let's start with theme! I adore this step in party planning just because it's so much fun to write down a bunch of creative ideas for your theme!! Most parties I go to don't have a theme. Many people think it will get expensive and too crazy. On the contrary! You will be totally focused there for it will save time while you look for decorations, outfit for the night, music, food and party favors if you like! 
List all your possibe ideas and see which one is most attractive! From there we can move on to decorations!

Decor is my ultimate favorite step because I belive decorations can make your party or break it! Now that we have a theme settled we can start our research on the decorations. Search up every possible ajective that discribes your theme. Now think outside the box! Anyone can throw a glow in the dark party and just buy glowsticks. But what fun is that? EX: Glowing ice cubes, glowing cups, plates,straws, how about black lights and everyone wears white? You see now we're starting to have a cool party! Just remember stick to your theme and get creative with it!

Food is another thing that is super important. If you're having a grad party I usually stick to finger foods: chicken fingers, mini corn dogs, chips and dip, mozzerella sticks, the list goes on really! The party usually starts after the ideal dinner time anyways.
But if you're having a full on four course meal party then start planning a menu for the dinner. 
Don't forget desserts! I like having simple desserts like cupcakes and brownies instead of a huge cake just cause it's faster to pass out and easier to make a hundred instead of spending loads of cash trying to get a cake that feeds a hundred or more people!
Remember people get hungry but if the music is too good they wont care to eat as much!

Which brings me to music, the life of the party really and come on you know its true! Have you ever been to a party where the DJ plays such old songs that they don't even move you to dance! I know there are classic songs but I hate listening to the same repeated tunes. That's why sometimes it's best to make your own playlist for the DJ and get a DJ that knows his music. It will be worth that extra cash!

These are some of my tips that I have learned through out my many years of party planning! I hope they were some what helpful and entertaining! lol If you'd like I'll post my party plans for my grad bash! Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading I love you all!


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