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Friday, August 17, 2012

Love Culture: Review

For those of you who are new to the store "Love Culture" this is a post for you! Many have said that it is a cross from Forever 21 and H&M.... I would have to disagree. Here's why:
I had never walked into a Love Culture store until last week and again a few days ago. It was huge! and at first I thought I found another awesome store to buy cute affordable pieces! But I looked everywhere trying to find that special something that I could just fall in love with. I was so disappointed when it wasn't there. Of course I thought to myself that I will just return again when I had more time. So I did and this time I checked out their jewelry. I have to admit very bold jewelry but the materials used look so cheap. I was again disappointed. The metal was just too shiney for my taste. The bags looked very sturdy though and those ranged from $25-$35. 
I also saw super cute scarfs which are $8. 
I continued on my search and saw really nice blouses and some cute jean jackets. 
In my head I thought the prices would be more towards F21. In reality it was around $15-$30 for a shirt. Am I being too cheap or have I gotten use to F21 and their prices? 
I have no idea but in my opinion I think Forever 21 is completely different and in some ways better. 

Have you guys been to Love Culture?? What do you think? 
Any new store you recommend to me? 


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