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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outfits Of The WEEK! Days 13-18 of Aug. Challenge

Hey Everyone! So I have NOT abandoned my August challenge! I just decided to make outfits Of The Week videos instead of a video everyday because it was getting really crazy uploading them and I don't want to fill up my channel with the challenge. I guess that means I wont be doing these month challenges anymore lol. BUT be expecting 2 new series very soon! I've been working on them for the past 2 weeks and really want them up soon! I hope you guys like it and get inspired! 
Here is my OOTW video and all items are mentioned in the video so watch it to find out! I also have added a few pictures. Let me know what you think! 


Couture-Street said...

You have the prettiest clothing :)

Aminta Paiz said...

The first and last tops are my fav.... and again... YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! I wish you live closer to have you as a model on a shooting <3

Forever Fashion said...

Oh my gosh! That would be so much fun!! If you ever come down to Florida or if I ever go to Spain! :D
Thank you so much love! :)

Well... said...

Man, you've got so many cute tops! I love that last tribal print tank ♥

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Natalie said...

i like the striped shirt!! very classic!

Bernadeth G. said...

love everything!

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

April Cheung said...

dang these outfits are seriously cute! love all of them!

k come karolina said...

wow!!! that looks really cool!

xoxo from rome

Evoke LA said...

Cute outfits!! Love your look. Would love for you to check out our latest posts when you have a minute.

xo, April & Brittan

Giovanna said...

Super cute looks! Loving your star top!


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