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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Life Of A Fashion Queen: My Grad Bash To Do List!

(Entry written on August 9,2012)

Oh my gosh! Another Diary Entry! I made the last one such a long time ago and for some reason it got deleted! So upset! I know pretty silly but I wanted you guys to see what I've been up to!! I'm literally 2 weeks away from the party and so much has been done and changed! 
Now I can reveal my secrets to you! 

Okay guys, I love having themes so I had a few ideas that I was balancing out. In the end I decided to have a Vintage Circus themed party era 1920. (I found out that's pretty much when circus' died out but the movie "Water for Elephants" inspired me so much and it was set in the 1920's) It was such a fun and crazy idea! Originally my brother in law was going to print out my invites but I eventually ordered custom made invites from Zazzle
These weren't exactly what I wanted but everyone loved them and I loved them too! 

Now I just want to let you guys know that I am on a budget so there have been things I have wanted to get that are just impossible! But I will make do with what I got. I also purchased some things with money I had saved up so I could use my budget party money on other things! 

The DJ is very important to me, without the party would be a bust. My friend Dj'd for me and it wasn't such a big expense! Thank go and he is very good! I asked him to play the circus theme music!

Another thing that I love and would never sacrifice is the decorations! I had so many ideas coming into this theme but in the end I'm going to just have simple but very nice decor. By this I mean, instead of having a billion different ideas I'm going to consentrate on one specific idea and build around it. This is what I'm gonna do: First have the open dance floor, have vintage circus posters hanging on the walls, have candles on the shelves I have and confetti. I'm also going to have lots of red and white balloons to have a tent kind of feel to the room. I also have my porch area where there will be red and white streamers, stringed lights, balloons, tables with red table cloths, the food and drinks outside and chairs. I also have a section of sweets and snacks. I ordered these amazing vintage popcorn boxes from Carnival Depot. They arrived so quickly in just 2 days and none were ruined!! They are perfect for the feel! So I will have popcorn boxes and popcorn. I also made these crazy glitter jars that I'm filling up with candy from BJs. And I am ordering pre made cotton candy that is fresh from Papa John's Peanuts
Once I recieve it I will let you know if it's any good! 
For the cake I want it to be simple, just red and white stripes would be nice no idea where to get it yet!

Ideas for decoration: Red and white fabric hanging from ceiling and going off to the sides to look like circus tent (streamers can be used too), have circus balls (the ones with red or blue stars on them), have a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, hotdog machine, sno cone machine, have circus posters, have lots of lights, candles, vases with candies, have animal figurines, striped table cloth, or red table cloth. Have red and white balloons or multicolored depending on your theme.  
Places to buy decor: Windy City Novelties, Amazon, Oriental Trading, Dollar Tree, Party City, BJs, Michaels, Carnival Depot are a few. 

Costumes is another thing I spent some cash on, but it didn't come from the budget. I'm going as the ringleader and I hope you guys like my outfit and make up! I bought my hats (bought a few for decor will see in pictures and video soon!) at Windy City Novelties and Amazon
The windy city top hats are super tall and the Amazon top hat was normal and not very tall at all. I also bought a cane from amazon super fun! 
Ideas for costumes: Ring leader, lion, lion tamer, snake charmer, trapeze artist, tight rope walker, acrobat, contortionist, fire breather, clown, mime, elephant, horse, bear, magician, knife thrower, strong man, strong woman, bearded lady, tattoo girl/man.
(my party is a "costume is encouraged" affair)

PS: I've noticed that not many people have posted anything about doing an adult/teen circus party so that's why I'm doing it! I've done so much research and looked through so many posts but end up with baby showers or children parties. I want there to be a post about how to have a circus party and ideas, pictures and tips that will help these creative teens and adults! Hope you like it! And I will be posting the next diary entry probably a day before the party (I'll be setting up) and the day of (my makeup, hair and costume. And the day after ( I will review all the products I have bought and the food and the party itself.) so about three posts to go! Expect videos and pictures!


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