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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We have some time before we say goodbye....

I'm soooo sorry if my posts have been crazy, irregular and all that! I have been super busy with homework and school has been crazy as well. College has been some what boring I have to admit since   I'm taking Math and Psycology at the moment, later on I'll take English. 
But I didn't think it would be this stressfull! Not that the work is hard or that there's a lot of hw but because I'm no use to the deadlines. I have a quiz every time I go to Math and every week for Psycology. So it takes some getting use to since I came from homeschool (and had no need for deadlines)
Well I hope you guys like my Outfits of the week video! I tried to add some more cute pieces this time around to not get so boring with the same kind of clothes. I only had three outfits this week so bare with me as I show you the details :)


Tesa said...

nice post!

Ellen said...

Love this! I just started making youtube vids but am rubbish at it at the moment haha


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