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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fine, Long Hair

Hello Everyone! Many will think that this has nothing to do with fashion... You are totally wrong! Hair always complements an outfit and your face. Everytime a runway show happens, every model has a certain hairstyle, whether it's to potray a certain look or to just have it out of the way. But this is such a tricky aspect of our look. Why? Because sometimes we don't know what to do and how to style our own hair. In this "Hair Series" I will be talking mostly about fine, long hair because that's the kind of hair I have. Make sure to adjust any of these suggestions and tips to your own hair type and liking. By no means am I a professional. I simply would like to share my knowledge on how to style and maintain your hair. 

Fine and Long Hair:
To tell if you have fine hair you'll quickly notice that it is very thin and might get greasy/dirty looking quickly. Fine hair doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't volumized. For example, my hair is fine because of its texture and how thin it feels. I don't have super thick hair or coarse hair. 
Long is the length. 

How To Maintain Fine Long Hair:
Something that I learned and have applied is washing my hair every other day. I can't go three days without washing because it quickly gets dirty looking and bothers me so much! 
For now I am using Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.
Another tip I learned is only using conditioner on the bottom of my hair, about three inches of it. Avoid your scalp since conditioner is used to moisturize and will grease up your roots instantly. 
I brush my hair as soon as I towel dry it and start from the bottom and work my way up to avoid knots and tangles. I also use a big paddle brush since it works so much better and doesn't pull my hair. 
Try to avoid using hot tools on your hair since it pulls your hair out and damages your hair aswell. 
I believe blowdrying is better for occasional purposes. 

Styles To Try On Long Hair/Ideas:
Long hair gives you the oppurtunity to try new hair styles. Here are a few ideas and photos on styles I liked the best.
Braids: Whether they are normal, french, fish bone, figure 8, to the side, in the back, waterfall ect ect.
There is a wide variety of braids that you can try out and a lot are simple that just require some practice.
Buns: Messy, sleek, really high or low. Buns and Top Knots help to get that super long hair up and out of the way and of your face. Especially great for those humid/hot days.
PonyTails: Another great way to get your hair out of your face.
Bangs: These can help give you a totally different look, but becareful since hair on your face usually makes you break out. Make sure to always clean your face every day.
Natural Hair Texture: Use your natural hair texture (straight, waves, and curls) to style your hair. Embrace what you have and don't try and change it. Instead enhance the look with hair accessories.

Hair Styles I Love:


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