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Friday, November 23, 2012

Miami International Book Fair + Beautiful Creatures Meet & Greet!

Hello everyone! I've been dying to show you guys the pictures I took at the book fair last week! It was such a surreal experience, I met two authors of one of my favorite books! Beautiful Creatures, which is now a movie coming out February 13, 2013! I was so happy to be there (it's my dream to be a published author one day!) The conference was very intimate with just a few people, maybe around 30-40 people showed up. I loved it because we didn't have such a crazy crowd! The signing was great! I was able to talk to the authors, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. 
I also meet two of the cast members! Zoey Deutch (Emily)
and Alden Ehrenreich! (Ethan)
It was such a wonderful experience! 
I talk more about it in the video! Thanks for watching :)

Peter Rabbit Cottontail! So adorable!

At the conference room with the actors and the authors!

With the amazing Authors! Kami Garcia (left), Margaret Stohl(middle) and I!

With the beautiful Zoey Deutch and the handsome Alden Ehrenreich! 

My book all signed by the authors and cast!


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wow great pictures, looks like it was great event. have a nice weekend

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fiufiu and ulala said...

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I love reading! the book fair looks so cool!

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UnA said...

looks so much fun!

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What a great post!

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febrina utami putri said...

looks like fun! and your curly hair is really beautiful :)

Sabrina said...

I think I would be as excited as a 5 year old if I got to "meet" Peter Rabbit. That's like getting to hug my childhood! Yes, I would have hugged him.


Blush said...

looks like you had a fun time, Peter Rabbit is adorable! :D

celia vallina said...

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Jen Umm said...

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April Cheung said...

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