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Monday, December 24, 2012


The new trend for winter has taken the fashion world by storm! I don't say "burgundy" anymore, instead I say "Oxblood". It sounds so much cooler and dramatic! I love it. 
I bought these new nailpolish colors from Essie that I totally fell in love with! (I actually have 2 new Oxblood colors Bahama Mama --which is more purple-- and Wicked --which is more reddish.)
These have to be my two favorites for this winter! You will be seeing them in a lot of videos!

What are your Winter Nail Colors??

Bahama Mama by Essie

Wicked by Essie


Kelly Ann said...

I say oxblood too, and wicked is my favorite!



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LifeAlLen said...

beautiful nail))

-Alexander and Elena

Haley said...

Gorgeous nails. The color is really attractive.

subham rai said...

' Its wickedlyy chic like seriouslyy !
Loved your blog ! Followed you via
GFC hope you follow back !


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