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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Review: Perks of being a Wallflower

Alright everyone, if you're sensitive or overly in love with this book please feel free to disagree. Everyone has their own opinion or else the world would be a boring place. 
With that being said.. Hello Lovely Readers! Hope you guys are having a fabulous week. I start my second semester of college and feel like sharing a book that has a lot of hype around it. Now I know my opinion isn't law but this is my blog and I'm not gonna lie about anything. 
So let's get right into this!

Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Probably the most overhyped book I have ever heard of, after Twilight, Hunger Games, and Pretty Little Liars. For the amount of attention the movie got and the "good" reviews I was hearing about the book I expected so much out of it. I want to let you guys know that it really is just another book to me. 
The characters were some what relatable and the events that happen are def relatable. But overall, I was not transformed after reading the book and that is the sole purpose of a book, to me, to transform you. 
The book is set in a diary form with the protagonist, Charlie, as its writer. He is actually writing to someone, who we never meet, that he knows and heard of. I think that the ending was kind of unexpected and it leaves you hanging. I didn't understand it at all and I wish the author had given us more hints or details about certian events. 
However, since I have yet to see the movie (which I think is what people truly went crazy about) I cannot close this chapter on my opinion of Perks just yet. Movies have a way of conveying an emotion and a message. Visuals are sometimes greater than books. (Blasphemy as a writer, I know lol)
I also think that I am highly influenced by the idea that a book is suppose to be magical. As if the world you are reading about wasn't just a normal world. I believe books are suppose to be passages to a different time and place. It's the only way to feel alive and differentiate with "real life". 
(Same goes for movies)
So that is why I was a bit upset when nothing extraordinary happened in Perks, and maybe I'm just wrong and I'm not seeing the big picture.

What are your opinions? 

But I admit, It was still a great book.


Anne said...

Oh dissapointing, I still need to see the movie and need to read a book. But it's always hard to live up to when there are such high expectations. Cool review!

Paulina said...

Have a nice weekend :)

Sandra Leiva said...

Looks nice!

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