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Friday, January 4, 2013

New York City Haul

Hello lovely readers! I have a new video for you guys (though I'm super late as usual lol). This is my NYC Haul, haven't done one in a while so might as well. I went shopping all around NY and though I mostly got gifts for my friends I did manage to score a few pieces for myself. 
And when I returned, I happened to pass by F21 again and got two additional pieces for myself. 
These are perfect the up coming months in school. The weather isn't that cold and I'm really a casual kind of gal when it comes to school. So I hope you like what I got and feel inspired!
Everything was purchasef at F21!

My best friend bought me this super cute necklace! loveee it!


shooting star said...

love the 1st necklace :)

happy new year :)

Fashion Riddles said...

We are new followers via bloglovin and GFC... If you like follow back...

Fashion Stirred said...

love the chains:)

Naz Campos said...

nice pics!
i follow you!

Klaudia ef said...

NYC <3

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