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Monday, July 15, 2013

June Haul!

Hello girlies! It's the end of the month and I have been shopping for summer like crazy!! Really I was just getting essentials like sunglasses, sandels and some cute dresses. So I wanted to show you what I have collected in the last month or so. Hope you guys like it!

So the first store I'll talk about is Forever 21. If you've been reading my posts for the last two years then you'll know I am an avid XXI shopper! Occasionally they won't have any great buys but on those rare occasions I find everything I'm looking for! Recently, I have found such cute items all super cheap! 

Okay, I went a little overboard and bought three pairs. Usually I like to try on sunglasses cause they always look different on my face but I just bought these online. Even though I like them I'm not in love with them. Well, it's too late to return them so I guess I will survive. 
My favorite pair are the waferer imitations. They came in a matte finish and suit my face nicely. 
Circle lenses, on the other hand, aren't that friendly to my face. I still wear them cause I really don't care but they won't be my "go-to" pair. 

Next, I really needed some casual tees so I picked up these super cute tops! The first is a nice minty green high-low top. It's such a nice color and it has a slouchy, comfortable feel. 
The next one I bought is this gray elephant printed tee! Omg these elephants are so adorable! That's the main reason I bought it. My mom also bought me an aztect tank for the beach and the hot summer days here in MIA. Thank you!
I also purchased two cardigans ( a yellow one and an indigo color which isn't here) at Nordstrom Rack. I really wanted to widen my color options for my cardigans. Love these cause they are 3/4 sleeves and light for the summer.

Then I bought this super cute-edgy belt with spikes and a metal plate on the front. I've seen a lot of youtubers/bloggers wearing something similar to this. So when I found a look-a-like on XXI I had tohave it! It fits perfectly on the waist.

As I've mentioned before I'm not a huge fan of Zara. But lately they have been coming out with great quality items. This gorgeous floral dress is from their new spring/summer collection! I absolutely adore it's flirty flare, the pockets and the low scoop of the back. I also love anything with lots of color and a floral print.

This pair of glitter shoes were on sale for $25! OMG! They are super cute and comfortable! I've been eyeing them for a while now and they finally went on sale. It's funny because I had searched the whole store for flats but couldn't find any in my size. Then, in a pile of other shoes, these babies caught my eye! And they just so happened to be in my size. Winning! hehe

The next pair of shoes I got are a tad bit more expensive but they were 40% off (originally 80 bucks down to 50!). I had been obsessed with these studded/spiked shoes which are adorable and I think I'll put them in a bell jar just to look at their beauty. hehe. Gorgeous!

I also purchased this cute, quilted, Chanel look-a-like, cross body bag for $10! Wow, it's such a joy to find things on sale!

This last item from Zara is such a steal! It cost $50 before and with the sale it was only $30. I love finding great items on sale, it's such an accomplishment!
This deep blue color is so beautiful and I love how structered this little cross-body bag is. Perfect!

Hope you guys enjoyed my Haul post! These items are perfect for the summer and I wanted to share the great deals that are going on now! Have a great day beauties!


Kristiana Vasarina said...

Absolutely love the circle leopard sunnies! But I know what you mean, that kind of shape isn't friendly on my face either :(

Shannon Beer said...

Love the glasses!xx

Forever Fashion said...

They're growing on me now!

Forever Fashion said...

Thanks :)

Patricia Do Nascimento said...

Cute stuff!!

pemco03 said...

Wao, all your new items are amazing!!! I especially love all your shoooooeesss!!

Kudzai said...

Your new dress is so cute!! xox

evre medusa said...

that's a huge haul! all of them are beautiful, I really loved your shoes and zara bag

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