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Monday, August 26, 2013

VMA Fashion 2013

Tonight was the long awaited award show (and personally one of my favorites) the MTV Video Music Awards! This is where all the hottest singers get together under one roof to... Blow. Your. Mind! 
But before we get into the award winners lets talk about the red carpet appearances. 
As in every award show there is a graceful red carpet walkway that the celebrities can walk on and are photographed by hundreds of hungry photographers. 
Here are my favorite looks of the night and some not so favorite.

The Ladies:

Lady Gaga:
The one and only Gaga and she was flawless of course. Now I have to admit she looked very vampy tonight with long black hair and a sexy black gown. But something about it seemed much more toned down than usual. Is it because she recently got hip surgery and has been reovering for the past few months? Either way I love her new style. Looking gorgeous as ever Gaga!

Ariana Grande:
She stayed true to herself and her style in this
adorable floral, silk dress with puffy sleeves was perfect for her style. 
I bet you anything her dress was made by one of her favorite designer, Kenley Collins. 
She paired it with these super chic pointy white heels that were of an appropriate hieght for a young girl like her. I love her as a fashion inspiration for all the younger girls as she is very sweet and girly. 
Her hair was left in her signature half-up/half-down style. Pretty, makeup with a cat eye and nude lips. 
Competely adore this one!

Ellie Goulding:
Wow, she is so gorgeous and I love her music! Her dress was so amazing!! It was a pale, nudish color that was covered from head-to-toe with spikes!!! It was crazy cool and somehow so chic! It was not over-bearing at all or too over the top. It was a perfect combination of edginess and chic.

 This is the first time I ever hear about these two gorgeous DJs. OMG! Their dresses were my all time favorite as they walked down the red carpet and possed for the paps. Wow. That's the word that describes it. Both wore black gowns with edgy twists to it. Incredible style. I will be keeping my eye on these girls!

Selena Gomez:
In love with the subtle sexiness of her dark, navy blue longlseeve gown. It was embellished by beads down her torso and she wore a lace corset underneath. Love the sleek, straight hair and minimal makeup. Looking good flying solo girl!

Rita Ora:
Wow she was a drop dead beauty in her glitzy glam, sparkling gown with a sexy slit on the side. Her style as grown in the last year or so and she continues to evolve and become even more beautiful every time I see her on the big screen. She even wore her signature red lips!

The Gents:

Robin Thicke:
Looking quite dapper in his black suit with leather lapels. Not to mention his beautiful wife beside him, Paula Patton. I'm not a huge fan of his song, Blurred Lines, and I was disgusted by his performance with Miley. But because this is just about fashion I have to admit he's got style. Both of them do.

One Direction:
There aren't any words to describe how amazing these five boys are. Each one has their own impeccable style and yet they all retain a perfect, cohesiveness. They won "Best Song of the Summer" for Best Song Ever (which was a new category btw)! They totally deserve it and everyone that booed was jealous! BSE really is the perfect song for summer! Let's all take a moment to praise their good looks and well... just let the photo speak for its self. 

30 Seconds To Mars:
This three men are my favorite men in the whole entire world! Not only do I support there music (for years I have adored them) but I love their style. Now, I'm not a big fan of Jared's long locks but I know he likes to change his look alot so I don't expect it to stay too long.
As for Shane, why must you always wear glasses!! I want to see your beautiful face!
Tomo, now you have cleaned up soooo nicely! I remember when you had that long hair. Now you're ultra sexy in the clean cut do and the scruffy beard. Keep it please!
Plus, they won Best Rock Video Award!! Congrats!!!

The Nots:

Becky G:
Sorry, but who is this cause I have no idea. I didn't really like the outfit for the VMA's red carpet. It's a little too casual for me. What do you guys think?

Katy Perry:
Wore a cheetah print, turtle neck, longsleeve dress embellished with gold butterflies enbellished on it?
And what is up with wearing these grills, no. 

Miley Cyrus:
She's not one of my favorite singers but I can't get "We Can't Stop" out of my head. Plus her outfit was a little bit more toned down and less rocker chic than usual. Last time she was on my blog she was on the worst dressed list and unfortunetly she is on my worst dressed list again. Sorry Miles.  (Her performance didn't help either. There's a difference between being an artist and trash).

Austin Mahone:
What in the world was he thinking wearing all pleather/latex whatever the heck that was? It was a very Justin Beiber kind of performance which makes me very sad because I believe Austin had potential...
He first appeared very charming till he changed into his jumpsuit. 

There are many many more celebrities that walked down the runway like Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, Shailene Woodley, Macklemore, Pharrel, Bruno Mars, and many many more! 
Here's a link for all the winners of the 2013 Video Music Awards!


Linde Lou said...

Wow! Amazing <3

TwentyThirty GLAM said...

We liked Selena's Look the best. Miley... What a train wreck!

Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

I agree about Miley's performance, was weird. Love this post though, getting to see all their outfits is great x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Phoebs said...

Love this post! Now following, would be great if you followed my blog!

Rakel said...

great post! :)

Matilda♡ said...

this is such a good idea for a post!
ellie goulding looked beautiful<3

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Kim Taylor said...

I think overall there were some great outfits, not sure about the whole Miley thing tho :S

Amelia Éclectique; La Femme Éclectique said...

Selena looked absolutely stunning! Miley... no comment, both performance and outfit-wise xD your blog really is fab :)

Amelia xx


fab looks,love this :)

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