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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Nail Polishes

Hello lovelies, Today I'm bringing to you a very popular topic. That is the topic of the new fall collection! Fall hasn't "officially" started just yet but I want you lovelies to be prepared. I bring to you in this post one of my all time favorite nail polish brands: Essie. You all know that every Monday I post about what color I'm wearing that week. Today I will be giving you guys a heads up on what I think will be really in this fall and the colors I love. So I will be showing you guys the fall collections of Essie but I will also be showing you guys what colors I love for fall! Let me know what colors you'll be sporting this season! I know that some countries don't have this brand available but I will link down below other nail polish brands that are just as beautiful. Please let me know what country you live in and what nail polish brand is your favorite!! 

These six new fall colors are already available on the essie store site! My favorite would have to be The Lace is on and Twin Sweater Set. Maybe cause I love color and prefer it over silver/grays. But all of these are extremely festive! I love that happy spirit and can't wait to buy The Lace is on!

But there are a few colors I believe should have been in the collection. (What's up with all the silver and gray? Do we seriously need 3 shades of gray?) I think the essie color pickers, or what ever they're called, should have gone for a deep plum like Casino Royale by OPI. I also think they should have come up with a new deep, oxblood red like their previous collection, Wicked by essie. OPI also has this gorgeous dark red with orange/red sparkles in it, Every Month is Oktoberfest, and by the Kardashian collection, Nicole, there is the gorgeous reddish shade with sparkles as well called Shoot for the Maroon. Absolutely love these colors! Check them out and buy them from the links below. 

Maybe they will be saving these colors for the winter collection so I will keep my eyes peeled for that. For now I will enjoy these bright, festive colors!

Stay tuned for my fall trends post coming out next week!


Freyas Fashion Chapter said...

These all look lovely but I agree The Lace Is On looks amazing! I've never owned Essie nail varnish before so might have to get some haha x
Freya's Fashion Chapter

Click4Chic said...

Love the colours

I'm following u now via gfc and bloglovin... ;)

Hope you will follow me back <3

Huge kiss,


Anna Evans said...

Hi love your blog! I nominated you in the liebster awards!

Holly Brooke said...

Im determined to get some new nail varnishes. The barry m gelly ones are so good have you tried?


Zoe said...

Great blog,I like the look of the essie polishes I have noticed a lot of brands now have that chrome sort of colour in their collections recently , that for the twill of it looks simar to opi's peace & love x

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