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Monday, October 28, 2013

Drugstore Essentials + Collab with Caroline of

Hello lovelies and today I have a special collab post with the beautiful Caroline from CaliJae
About two weeks ago she asked for some topic ideas and I offered up some to help a fellow blogger out. Little did I know that she would then ask me to collab with her on a post! It was very exciting since I usually never do collabs (I'm a little paranoid due to bad experiences). But Caroline changed my mind. She is incredibly sweet and beautiful and her blog is amazing. So after reading my post please do go check her Drugstore Essentials out!
So this week I had a challenge to figure out my drugstore essentials and I was able to break it down into three categories: hair, make-up, and face.

For some reason the drugstore always has better sales than publix. So this is where I get most of my hair products. I limited my hair products down to the three essentials:

I know a lot of people say you should switch up your shampoo/conditioner every few months but I haven't found anything that works as good as this one. My number one shampoo is from Dove called Intensive Repair. I love this one because it helps my hair out since I use a lot of hot tools and I had dyed it a while back and I'm still trying to grow out those terrible ends. This leaves my hair feeling clean but not stripped of moisture. I don't use the conditioner for this though because my hair is very fine and I feel like conditioner makes my hair greasy faster. Once a week I will use a moisture mask from L'oreal to help out with dryness.

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Shampoo

Heat Protectant:
I've never used a heat protectant in my life (terrible I know!). So when I saw this I really wanted to try it. Now I never do my hair without it! It smells fresh and floral and it doesn't weigh your hair down when you spray it on. The nozzel is very uncomfortable to use, I have to admit. But it does it's job and leaves my hair shiny and smooth. I also have the keratin smooth heat protectant but have yet to try it.

TRESemme Heat Protectant

Dry Shampoo:
I swear by this item. Probably one of my holy grails. Like I said before, I have very fine hair so by the second day after my wash day my hair is already looking greasy and dirty. But, my dilemma is that you shouldn't wash your hair so often. So what do you do when you have a problem like that?? Whip out this baby and it will breathe life back into your hair in seconds. Now even though it does work it's obviously not going to replace washing your hair for an entire week. I only use this if it's the second or third day and I don't have time to wash and style my hair. The smell is very fresh and clean which is good because most of these smell like powder (not a fan).

TRESemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

Probably my favorite section (like all of us haha!) I can't go to the drugstore and not pass by the beauty section at least five times. Here are my favorite, can't-live-without-you, products:

Another item I swear by is this particular mascara from maybelline. I've tried so many from different brands and this one is the one I continue to rebuy and reach for when I want a very soft yet dramatic look. I absolutely love the way this formula works. It also comes in waterproof and I occasionally will wear it (when I'm going to a concert or going to school all day) just so my lashes stay nice and curled all day. Trust me this stuff works! I think I've mentioned it in a few videos already hehe.

Maybelline Full N' Soft Mascara in Very Black

One of my favorite bronzers from the drugstore. I've noticed that most bronzers/blushes have a slight if not flat out shimmer. I hate shimmer in bronzers. I feel like it's too dramatic and overpowering for my face. This particular bronzer does have a tiny bit of shimmer but overall it's unnoticeable. This bronzer comes in three shades but 03 is the darkest. I like to use it to liven up my pale face with just a few soft strokes up on my temples and cheek bones.

Milani bronzer XL All Over Glow 03

This concealer is perfection especially for me who has very dry undereyes. I would love to try the foundation of the same brand (Rimmel Match Perfection). Unfortunetly they don't sell this in my local drugstore so I have to make a special trip to repurchase!

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer #125

I'm completly obsessed with this color from Revlon, Honey Bare. Unfortunetly this is another produt that my local drugstore has ran out of. But I will be looking for this one online and I'm sure I will find it cheaper. This shade is perfect for everyday use and all year around. I love finding perfect nude shades that aren't too pink or too brown.

Revlon Honey Bare Lipstick

Okay, you might think "why face?" well because these aren't really make-up products but they're not random either. These are the products I like to use to keep my face clear, clean, and moisturized.

Make-up Wipes:
I recently started using these particular cleansing wipes to take off my makeup. I wish I had started before! The makeup comes off so easily and effortlessly. I can't believe it!! It doesn't irritate my face or dry it out at all. I do have to say that it leaves a certain residue once I'm done but nothing a little water can't remove.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Face Wash:
I love this face wash and have been using it for years! I absolutely love the tingling feeling that it leaves once you take it off. I don't know if it works or if it doesn't. I feel clean after I take it off so I'm guessing it does. It also doesn't irritate my skin which is a major plus.

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser

Exfoliating Scrub:
This is a new product I recently started using. I only use it every other day and mostly around my problamatic areas (checks, nose, chin). I have to say the first day my skin was not use to it at all and I got a million bumps (irritation I believe). But after a few hours it was better and the next day my skin had cleared up. It's been two weeks since I've started using it and I love it!! My dry patches are way better and now I feel like my skin has improved. I have yet to test my skin out with foundation but that will be the ultimate test! Then I will know if this product achieved the results I wanted or not.

Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub

This moisturizer has been a life saver. I'm not saying it's the best thing out there but for me it is the best thing. I love this one because it's cheap, it's light (in consistency), and it's oil-free! It doesn't  leave my face feeling like it's gonna fall off. I use this PM version because it is a bit thicker than the day time cream. Which the day time cream has SPF and I'm not a fan of SPF in a moisturizer.
So this one is the one I reach for when I need to moisturize my face after I cleanse and exfoliate.

Cerave Facial Moisturizing-Lotion PM

So there you have it the major drugstore essentials that I reach for everyday/week. 
I hope you guys found it helpful and enlightening. 
Now please go ahead and read Cali's post right here


Cali Jae said...

Awesome post girl! Thank you so much for the kind words, I am so glad I changed your mind! :) I just bought the same heat protectant and dry shampoo to try out the other day!! I think I may go back to pick up some of your other recommendations :) <3

Lalaine said...

i wish we have some tresemme heat protectant here in Philippines.

nunzia sofia said...

great products sweety! ;)) it's so nice post this. i like ;)

if you have pleasure please come to see my new post…it’s VERY important for me this one….i hope u will like it is :

Liliana Ayala said...

Great picks doll! I love the dry shampoo as well and the heat protectant. I agree, the nozzle was not very comfortable at first, but I've gotten used to it by now. I haven't tired that bronzer or the concealer. I've heard great things about the concealer, if you say you have really dark undereye circles and it helps you, then I MUST try it. My dark circles are awful!! Jotting that down on my "need to by" list! LOL!!

xo's Lily |

Gloria la borsa di mary poppins said...

very nice!!:)

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